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We provide professional, friendly and affordable computer services including repairs and support for residential and small businesses alike in the Cardiff and South Wales area

Apple, Computer, Laptop and Tablet Repairs

Caerphilly, Cardiff & South Wales

  • Computer / Laptop / Tablet Screen and Keyboard Replacement / Repair

Sticky keys or a broken screen are a very common issue? Our keyboard repair / replacement and screen replacement service is carried out quickly and professionally. If the parts required are on the shelf we may be able to provide a same day service if not we'll get your tablet or laptop back to you the same day the replacement part arrives.

  • Crashing and Freezing Software

Having to restart your computer multiple times or your tablet just isn't working as it should? Freezing and crashing causes great inconvenience and costs time, call us now and we'll get you back up and running efficiently in no time.

  • Virus, Ransomware and Spyware Removal

Malware virus programs are intentionally designed to be difficult to remove and often embeds itself in Windows, hiding in unknown files or updating system files with its own unique code. This makes it nearly impossible for the average user to find and remove. Our experience and knowledge enables us to safely remove viruses without deleting any of your valuable data. Call us today for your Computer virus removal and protection in Cardiff.

  • Computer or Laptop Running Slow

Desperate for a faster Laptop or Computer? Many will consider and purchase a new computer but there's no need whatsoever. By simply upgrading some hardware parts we can increase the speed of your laptop without having to fork out £100's for a new one. Call us today to see how we can help you save money and smile.

  • Operating System Installations

There are many kinds of software available on today's market for every one of your needs. Installation and setup can be stressful for those who aren’t computer minded and it's important to have it done properly. However, you no longer have to worry about the installation of the software you need. With our expert knowledge we can provide and ensure the optimum installation you need. Call today for your Software Installations.

  • Data Recovery and Back-Up

Data on your computer is usually highly important to you. 1000's of sentimental family photos, documents, legal correspondence, music, games and many other things which you simply cannot afford to lose can be priceless. However there is no guarantee with any given computer that one day it will fail, as they do all too often. A data backup plan set up is very important and there are many options available to you. Call us today to see how we can help you before its too late.

  • Overheating

A hot computer normally leads to a faulty cooling fan. We can replace a cooling fan fairly quickly at a reasonable price and if we've got time we'll give your computer a health check to make sure everything else is up to scratch.

  • Network and Wi-Fi Solutions

If you're having problems with anything related to networking be it wireless or with an Ethernet set-up we can help, be it networking maintenance, network repair, network support, wireless network setup or wireless security. Broadband has seen a huge spike in its wireless capabilities rapidly enhancing internet technology. The need for cables is quickly disappearing so if you're looking to take the leap into a totally wireless network call us today.

  • Upgrading, Tuning and Servicing

We all need a service and constantly tune ourselves to keep up-to-date and run efficiently as possible. Your Computer is no different. With a thorough service and hardware tune-up we can have your computer running like new again, a simple upgrade to an SSD, or updating your graphics card can make huge improvements to your system without the huge bills.

  • Website Design

With a huge knowledge with, and experience of website design and website ranking on the first page of Google we can create a beautiful website gaining maximum exposure for your business with a super slick and user friendly feel designed to meet your requirements. For a free quotation call us today.

  • and much more...

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1. Call us now on 07762194730 or contact us here  and arrange a day and time for us to visit you.


2. Our Cardiff Computer Repair Engineer will then visit you to inspect your computer, provide a diagnosis and a price to repair the problem. If we can fix it on site for you we will, if parts are required we will take the laptop away to our computer repair workshop and complete the repair once we have received the parts.​


3. Once we have repaired your computer we will then get in touch to arrange a convenient time to return your computer.

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